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Digital prints (set of 5) Size: 16” x 23” each

Sea debris and pen on paper (set of 5) Size: 12” x 18” each

Plastic was banned across Maharashtra in March 2018 leading to a complicated yet questionable choice by the authorities. A staggering increase in the carbon footprint across the globe led to this hefty decision however, the beaches, oceans, streets, dump yards, and even our homes are far from being ‘plastic free’. Bombay beaches and waterfronts are a great spectacle of plastic debris. A lot of revisions were made to the Plastic Ban after the announcement. And package drinking was one of the items that was exempted from the ban. While the authorities struggle to decide what form of plastic is allowed and what is banned, the irony of these plastic bottles carrying pure mineral water and ultimately landing back into the ocean is moronic. The work (Watercolor) in the series of Drawings and Digital prints are the impressions of the same water taken from the ocean in Bombay in the same bottle.

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