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Time stamps
2018 - 2024 | 25cm x 25cm each Oil on playboards

​This is an ongoing series of paintings called TIME STAMPS. The paintings are a study of objects, materials, and the landscape of Kinnaur. I try to finish one painting in one sitting, although this is not always possible. Sometimes, I may take a week or two to finish a painting. The paintings are primarily in oil paint, with some mixed media elements. The idea is to expand this series of 10"x 10" paintings and continue producing them throughout the year or years to come. This will allow me and viewers to trace the process and development of my practice in a larger sense. The small size of the paintings also means that they do not take up a lot of space. The Time Stamps series is a way for me to explore my relationship to the landscape of Kinnaur. Where I am interested in exploring the relationship between time and memory. I plan to continue working on the Time stamps series throughout the year. I am also interested in expanding the series to include other subjects, such as the people and culture of Kinnaur. I believe that the Time Stamps series is a unique way to document the changes that are taking place in Kinnaur, and I am eager to see how the series evolves in the future

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