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Loot Laat Radio is an unlicensed radio station. The idea was to build the station with the transmitter which can transmit signals up to 200-300 meters. Anybody within the range of the transmitter can access the frequency and listen to the programs.

India and a lot of other countries have quite strong restrictions on using radio waves, without authorization by the government. After talking to lawyers and experts about this project, it was deemed too risky by Indian law. In the end, I constructed the free streaming service online radio for the period of the project crossing all borders, from Maharashtra to Kochi, to Europe, to New York: Loot Laat Radio (“stolen waves” or “stolen frequencies” in English). The actual artwork was a curating action which meant taking the responsibility of giving space to artists wanting to participate in TAKE / THE / CITY through sound and nourishing this space with music and talks (from Arjun Appadurai to Slavoj Zizek). The project was also about the manifestation of the free culture movement.

Music and sound pieces by fellow artists, conferences about capitalism in India and cosmopolitanism stolen from YouTube, and protest songs: and made the project accessible to everyone, in the world.

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