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Object Study
2018 | 30 x 42 cms (each)
Oil on paper

The following paintings are part of an ongoing project in which I am making detailed drawings and object studies/still-life paintings of traditional objects from Kinnaur. These objects were made by local craftsmen and are almost a century or half a century old. They have been passed down from generation to generation, but are no longer in use. Many of these objects end up in garbage or are burned. I am archiving these objects through my drawings and paintings. The purpose of this project is to document and preserve the traditional objects of Kinnaur. These objects are a part of the region’s cultural heritage, and I believe it is important to keep them alive. By creating detailed drawings and paintings of these objects, I hope to raise awareness of their importance and inspire others to preserve them. I believe that this project will have a positive impact on the preservation of the traditional objects of Kinnaur. I plan to continue this project for the next few years. I hope to eventually create a book or exhibition of the paintings. I also hope to use the paintings to raise awareness of the importance of preserving traditional culture.

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