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Home away from home

This work is a response to the research project curated by Shruti Ramalingaiah for the Student's Biennale Kochi, 2016. Rakesh Saket is a cobbler who has worked and lived in a small shop on a street corner near my college for the past 25 years. He and his son, Sunil, who is around my age, take turns working in the shop every three to four months. The project was an intervention into Rakesh Saket's life, documenting his daily routine and the intricate relationship he has with his tools and surroundings.

Practice: in transitional space​ a workshop exhibition delves aas interaction with and intervention between the student and their immediate surroundings to unfold ways of exchange. The neighbourhood clusters where people travelled and been residing for years. Include workers and labours, rickshaw pullers, road side vendors and so many more that makes major part of the city. How shops pave way to exist in cluttered little spaces. These places inhabit cultural conglomeration where many communities come in search of to find a living,in the city. This exhibition explores public spaces not just subjective domain from perspective of the viewer. Rather conversational as charting dialogue in-between spaces of alteration and exchange, forming within and without
interaction, element of time and pondering in slowness, of observation and memory, layered history and revelations, to experiential lived spaces. This at length is work and research from the students’ engagement through the passage of time and space oscillating between their studio and locality.

Shruti Ramalingaiah

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